Project MOVEfwd – Moving Forward in Europe with Volunteering

Identifier: 625307-CITIZ-1-2020-1-HR-CITIZ-CIV
Start Date: 01-03-2021
End Date: 31-08-2022
Duration in months: 18
Total Budget: 95760 €

Programme: EUROPE FOR CITIZENS, Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation
Action: 2.3: Civil Society Projects
Lead partner: POU Varaždin, Croatia

• Red Cross for Varazdin County, Croatia
• Ljudska Univerza Ptuj, Slovenia
• Regional Development Agency Of Srem Ltd Ruma, Serbia
• Tourist Organisation Of The City Of Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia
• PROGEU-Progress In European Union – Istituto Per Lo Sviluppo, Italy
• Institute for Sustainable Business Development and Education, Bulgaria


Short description of the project
As a result of COVID 19, civil society organisations (CSOs), public bodies/authorities, educators and citizens have had to reinvent themselves.  Promoting active citizenship and volunteering during these times has been especially challenging due to new restrictions on physical contact and movement. Due to too many unknowns (i.e. infection), many citizens (incl. younger persons) think twice about volunteering. With this situation in mind, the project aims to enhance citizen engagement in volunteer-based actions relating to civil protection, social inclusion, culture, education and employment. The project is organized as 1 preparatory meeting (in Varazdin, HR) and 5 3-day events in the partner countries (in HR, IT, RS, SI, BG). Each event will detail best practices showing how citizens (esp. youth) can engage as volunteers in actions that address issues that affect local development. The project activities are also designed so that the partners can gather opinions/inputs from citizens re: the Europe they want. Particular focus per event will be on how the concept of solidarity functions; how the new agenda for 2021-27 supports communities in overcoming COVID-19 (& other crises) and in their efforts to enhance civil society. Workshops, panel discussions, presentations, site visits, group work, and other methods will be used to encourage volunteering and enhance understanding about how solidarity in an EU context contributes to sustainable growth. The dissemination actions (incl. the volunteering guide) contributes to informing the wider public on how they can volunteer in actions and the benefits of applying EU values to community actions. The network agreement defines priorities & future actions for the partnership.  As a result of the project, Citizens will gain competencies to plan/manage & volunteer in actions during COVID (& other crises), and better understand how the EU agenda & values function in practice. In total, the project will include 318 participants.

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